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Mini Blenders are Perfect for Smoothies, Dips, Sauces, Party Drinks or to Take Along when you Travel.


Tribest Mini Blender Review

Most people do not think they need another kitchen appliance. However, until you have seen the mini-blender in action you really do not know what you are missing in terms of speed and convenience.

A mini blender is the perfect addition to anyone's kitchen.

Perfection is the word used for these single serve blenders that are used for making healthy single serving drinks or chopping, mixing and whipping nearly any food you find in your kitchen. These little wonders are even used for whipping up your little ones baby formula for bottle fed babies.

Salsa is a wonderful dish that goes terrific with a personal blender. You can chop, mix and blend all of your ingredients in this little blender and have little if any mess to clean up and your dish is ready in a matter of minutes.

Mini blenders not only take up less room on your counter space or storage, but they are also designed in many marvelous and wonderful colors. Having one in the office can make for wonderful fresh smoothies or health drinks in the office also.

If you are having your drink on the go, many of these blenders come with travel cups installed. A healthy breakfast drink can fit in the travel cup holder of your car and you can make and have your healthy breakfast  beverage within a couple of minutes.

High speed motors have been installed to allow mini blenders to have the same performance as their larger regularly sized counterparts.

Tribest personal mini blenders are some of the best on the marketplace today.

Tribest has three different models each with 200 watts of power, more than enough to blend nearly anything you would like to blend, chop or mix in a regular size blender.

Tribest has taken the personal blender a step further by advancing the technology to include a grinder in the package. Tribest model PB-150 is the mini blender while their models PB 250 and PB 350 are mini blenders as well as grinders. With one touch pulse modes you can have a continuous flow of blending or grinding for all of Tribest models.

These Tribest personal blenders have more than 200 watts of power. The PB 250 and PB 350 models have interchangeable blades. There is one grinding blade and one blending blade, two 16 ounce jars, two 8 ounce jars, one commuter lid (for your drink on the go) and three regular lids.

The PB 350 model also adds glass mason jars. Imagine making your jams or jellies and having them already in their mason jars.  As an added plus the mason jars do come with their own lids. Included are one 4oz, 8oz and 12oz mason jar and their matching lids.

Salsa is not the only recipe that can be used for the mini blenders and Tribest Personal Blenders includes a recipe book to get you started with ideas for your blenders and grinders. Surprisingly, you can create  soups, dips, sauces, baby food and so much more than simple smoothies.

The grinders are an excellent way to grind coffee beans, nuts and other types of grain.

Having your own personal mini blender or grinder is wonderful for the home as well as the office.


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